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Indonesia International Motor Show 2011


GAIKINDO has been hosting automobile exhibition in Indonesia more than 20 years. In 11-15 July 1986, the first automotive exhibition hosted by GAIKINDO took place under the name of GAIKINDO Cars Exhibition. Started in 1989, GAIKINDO Car Exhibition changed the exhibition name to Jakarta Auto Expo.
In 4-10 July 1991, Jakarta Auto Expo held for the 6th times at Jakarta Convention Center. The exhibition changed the name again from Jakarta Auto Expo to Gaikindo Auto Expo. The 12th Gaikindo Auto Expo held in 19 - 27 Juli 2003. The 12th Gaikindo Auto Expo drew more than 180.000 visitors. The 10 days exhibition reached total transaction of 600 billion rupiahs.
The 13th Gaikindo Auto Expo took place in 8-17 July 2005 at Jakarta Convention Center, covering 3000 sqm of Jakarta Convention Center and attended by 152 automotive related companies. The 9 days international scale automotive exhibition reached a total transaction of 1,5 trillion rupiahs. Supported with activity programs and entertainment, The 16th Indonesia International Motor Show drew 167.030 visitors The 17th Indonesia International Motor Show will be held at 24 July- 02 August 2009. In organizing the year 2010, IIMS is visited by 282,331 people within 10 days of its implementation, and successfully recorded a total transaction amounting to Rp. 2,517,022,792,000, -. The high value of the transaction shows the enthusiasm of visitors to this annual event and that an international exhibition is an event awaited by the people who in good to see the latest products and to make transactions. and now The Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) is back again for its 19th presentation to delight car enthusiasts and motoring reviewers from the region!
Preparation for the IIMS 2011 has started, mid-December, precisely on December 17, 2010, organizers held a launch for the car APM GAIKINDO member. Almost all representatives from APM car is present and states participating in IIMS 2011.Not only APM car that has participated in the delivery of IIMS before, some new car APM was also expressed support for the IIMS 2011. The spirit of welcome IIMS 2011 seen from the enthusiasm of the participants APM car that almost all of them enlarge the exhibition area on the implementation of IIMS 2011. Based on a launch, carrying 22 brand passenger cars and 6 cars commercial brand declare his participation in the implementation of IIMS 2011.

Besides promising a more complete automotive exhibition by number of participants more cars APM, IIMS 2011 organizers will also present a unique something that certainly will be more attractive to visitors. "IIMS 2011 will be the automotive event promising and full of surprises, for all the exhibitors and especially for visitors" said Juwono Andrianto Gaikindo as the Secretary General.The 19th IIMS 2011 will take place on 22 - July 31, 2011 is still in the same location, namely in JIExpo Kemayoran.

The world's most illustrious and glitzy automobiles will once again converge at IIMS to showcase the automotive achievements of today and the possibilities of tomorrow. Themed "Sustainable Green Technology", IIMS'19 will make its prestigious appearance to showcase the auto industry's accent on consumer, environment and community care.

Event Date will be start in July 22 - 31, 2011. Opening & Press Day in July 22, 2011 (Press Credentials are Required). for public show will start in july 23 until 31 2011. opening hours for public show in working day is Monday - Thursday : 11.00 - 21.00 WIB. and Friday - Sunday : 10.00 - 21.00 WIB.

Ceremonial opening of the exhibition which was attended by state officials and the principals of the exhibitors. Held on the first day of the exhibition (VIP & Press Day), Friday - July 22, 2011. The opening is usually done by the President or an official representative. and other supporting programs in IIMS 2011 is, Miss Motor Show 2011Category of concern is the brain, beauty and behavior of its participants. There are 7 categories in the selection of Miss Motor Show this, namely: Miss Motor Show 2011, Runner up 1, 2nd Runner Up, Miss photogenic, Miss Automotive, Miss Friendship and Miss Favorites.
Journalist writing contest aimed at members of the press whose work has appeared in the print media and theme writing in accordance with the theme of the exhibition. 
Automotive Conference that brings speakers - speakers from government and representatives of the automotive industry at home and abroad who are competent and have a strong influence in this industry. 
Best Car Selection of favorite cars in this year's event IIMS 2011.
Drifting Show & Battle drifting again present to enliven the Exhibition The 19th Indonesia International Motor Show at the Jakarta International Expo (JIE), Kemayoran. BMX, music Corner and other supporting programs.
For public show Tickets for one person per visit is Rp. 20.000 (twenty thousands rupiah) from Monday to Thursday. and from Friday to Sunday is Rp. 30.000 (thirty thousands rupiah). and for the lucky visitor will get some prizes and a car as the grand prize.

You can see The Interactive Map of Indonesia International Motor Show in Jakarta International Expo is located in the heart of central Jakarta, linked by the intercity highway makes it easy to access Jakarta International Expo from all parts of Jakarta. 

So Dont Miss The Show. and Keep up to date at via Twitter @IIMS2011.
 Indonesia International Motor Show 2011 in Jakarta International Expo - INDONESIA.


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